NexGen Distributed Data Warehouse


DBDriven’s Next Generation (NexGen) Distributed Data Warehouse is the future of data warehousing technology. Our NexGen DDW is to the data warehouse what the data warehouse was to the database. NexGen DDW is the technology behind Pre-Kindergarten through Workforce Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems throughout the United States and territories. NexGen DDW solves issues preventing end users from gaining true enterprise-wide data insight in the traditional data warehouse.

Why Our NexGen DDW?

Secure, scalable connectivity is at the core of the NexGen DDW. It leverages a federated & distributed data model that incorporates full data governance, aggregations and visualizations, both public facing and internal.

This distributed design provides distinct advantages to the standard enterprise data warehouse:

  • Data owners maintain complete control of their data and can ‘cut the cord’ at any time.
  • PII is not required within the system to provide detailed data, or payload data. All record level data is linked and de-identified.
  • Eliminates the need and issues associated with the ‘golden record’.
  • Scales infinitely for the number of users and the data they are willing to expose.
  • Built in enterprise metadata management and valid value management.

Our NexGen DDW Provides

  • Configurable Governance

    Determine your roles and accessibility with our fully configurable architecture and governance.

  • Security

    Protect your data easily with our built-in security protocols. Remove PII from payload data while gaining the same data driven insight.

  • Rapid Implementation

    Gain accurate data insights quickly by and have your NexGen DDW go-live in under 9 months with our implementation.

  • Enterprise Scalability

    Leveraging NexGen DDW’s distributed model, traditional data warehouse scale limitations are eliminated. Our largest implementation contains 13+ data sources and is actively onboarding more.

DBDriven’s NexGen DDW is a proven, cost effective technology used in several US states and territories to achieve data driven solutions. Our full stack technology life-cycle support philosophy ensures you receive ongoing support to ensure solution success.



NexGen DDW enterprise reporting environment provides both internal and external dashboards and reports.


The Request Portal provides functions for both public and named users. With built in user-level and data-level restrictions, data protection and privacy is ensured to the client. Each client controls access to their data to the column level.


Governance, components and portals of NexGen DDW are highly configurable to meet each clients’ specific requirements.

Full Stack

Our solutions come with full stack services and support for all layers of the TCP/IP protocol and provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all customer needs.


Our team of industry experts will train you in the NexGen DDW from anything from technical user training to end user / business user training. Our full stack team will ensure your training and operational success.